Selecting the right fan should be easy as switching one on. That’s why we’ve designed FansSelect. Simply fill out the form below to be granted access to the FansSelect download page.


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FanZapper App

The Fanzapper app is a world first. Never before has there been a standalone app designed specifically for HVAC professionals. Installers, service & maintenance contractors and commissioning engineers now have quick easy access to technical fan information. Being able to view motor data, wiring diagrams and performance curves instantly on site ensures our customers are always getting the right information and advice.


Product Catalogue App

The Product Catalogue App was designed to give users easy access to general information for all products. Datasheets and documentation can be stored on your tablet or smartphone and then viewed instantly at a later date. To guarantee all information is relevant, our Product Catalogue app automatically updates. Download it now from either the Apple Store or the Android App Store.


Revit Plug-In App

In response to the expanding use of Revit as a drafting tool, we have created a streamlined method of adding HVAC equipment to drawings.

Designed to be used in conjunction with our industry leading selection software FansSelect, and developed in consultation with leading consulting engineers. This Revit Plug-In will provide improved speed and efficiency for HVAC Revit users, eliminate data transposition errors and ensure accurate data for all project stakeholders.

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Revit Family Files

Revit Family Files

Revit Family Files