JCC Centrifugal Hi Temp Series Jet Fans

JCC Centrifugal Hi Temp Series Jet Fans

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JCC Series Jet Fans are centrifugal impeller types with smoke spill certification to AS/NZS4429:1999. The JC models are particularly useful where head clearances are restricted.

Two models – 52N and 85N capacities. JCC25-H (52/14 Newton) JCC31-H (85/22 Newton)

Ventilation and smoke extraction in case of fire F300 (300 °C/120 min.)
IP55, insulation class H motors (smoke extract).
Certified AS/NZS4429:1999.
Motors are two speed 4/8 pole asynchronous three phase types.
Voltage / Frequency; 4015V/50 Hz.

Smoke Spill Rating
Smoke exhaust operation 300°C/120’ (F300) certified AS/ NZS4429:1999.

Cases are formed from corrosion resistant galvanised sheet. Impellers are high efficiency backward curved types fabricated from galvanised steel sheet balanced according to ISO1940.

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