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Industrial ventilation solutions

Reliable, efficient, and OHS-compliant HVAC solutions – built for long-term performance

The world’s most challenging environments

Harsh conditions such as high humidity, odour, grease and continuously high working temperatures. Those parameters and the demand for high precision mainly differs industrial applications from the rest. Apart from the challenging working conditions, the health and safety of workers are always the priority.

Recent industrial works include:

  • Melbourne PPG - Fans/Cowls

  • Southern QLD Correctional Facility Stage 2 Gatton Prison - Fans/Cowls

  • Sydney Southend - Fans

  • Sydney Snackbrands Horizon Orchard Hills - Fans

  • Sydney Amazon Warehouses - Fans

Pacific Ventilation’s HVAC solutions guarantee reliability, efficiency, and safety with systems that perform at their best all year long, delivering perfect, temperature-regulated indoor climates that support industrial production and processes – and support the health of people working in them.

Built to perform, Long lasting materials

Completely customisable solutions

Health & safety certified

Easy to control and operate

Minimal footprint in indoor spaces

Remotely monitorable

All Pacific Ventilation HVAC solutions come certified by the highest product certifications in the global market.

Industrial projects come with multiple constraints, requirements, and challenges in terms of both space and performance. Which is why your HVAC solutions can be completely customised according to your project’s exact specifications, so you can confidently meet the highest health and safety protocols.

Pablo Varela
Global Product Director

Why choose Pacific Ventilation?

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Guaranteed to perform

Made from long-lasting, high-quality materials, Pacific Ventilation’s HVAC solutions are built to perform even in the world’s most challenging environments, with no risk of downtime.

Well-ventilated air around the clock is crucial for people and processes in industrial settings. And you can relax knowing that all Pacific Ventilation products are pre-tested before they are delivered to your project, guaranteeing they will perform as they are supposed to after they’re installed.

Our solutions can meet growing retrofit demand in this market, with the following increasing need for upgrades to meet energy regulations and more intuitive demand and control of the system.

Morten Schmelzer
Technical Marketing Director

OH&S compliant for your peace of mind

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of workers who rotate through these industrial spaces daily. Having fresh, clean, circulated air is vital to help them focus on their tasks and preserve their long-term health.

Pacific Ventilation can provide you with HVAC solutions and units – and the third-party verified documentation to match – that meet specific safety and performance requirements, including ATmospheres Explosible (ATEX), low GWP refrigerants to align with global F-gas phasing down, as well as strict hygiene demands.

We have a team of experts who are well-versed in the needs of large-scale heavy industry projects and can provide you with the necessary consulting and support to help make your project a success.

Lena Eklind
Group Technical Director
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Low noise – and low footprint

Just because you’re working on an industrial project doesn’t mean you have large spaces available for large units – or that the application can absorb high noise levels.

Pacific Ventilation’s HVAC units are designed to perform at their best with the lowest possible noise levels and physical footprints for your application. Meaning your units will improve the air quality around them with little to no impact on the indoor spaces where they are installed.

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Fully customised for your project

Each project comes with its unique requirements and challenges. This is why Pacific Ventilation allows you to customise your HVAC solutions, component by component, to ensure all your project’s demands are met.

You can customise your units by configuration, materials, and execution, as well as by air distribution, airflow, and air pressure to keep the air clean, fresh, and well-ventilated at all times.

Geniox, Geniox is a fully customisable, high-quality, modular air handling unit offering the ultimate flexibility to suit every project.
Geniox is a fully customisable, high-quality, modular air handling unit offering the ultimate flexibility to suit every project.
VCQ Cowl, Roof cowls in 9 sizes
VCQ Cowl
Roof cowls in 9 sizes
AR, Low pressure axial duct fan
Low pressure axial duct fan
AW, Low pressure axial wall fans up to 39.000 m³/h
Low pressure axial wall fans up to 39.000 m³/h
VD, Roof mounted adjustable pitch axial fans
Roof mounted adjustable pitch axial fans