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Residential ventilation

Enjoy the feeling of fresh, clean outdoor air – in any indoor environment

Love where you live

As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.” And when your home feels fresh, clean, and full of life – the people you live with feel the same way, too.

Recently completed residential projects:

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  • Wollongong 101 Crown Street - Fans

  • Sydney Carter 3 - Fans

  • Sydney Wee Hur Student Accommodation - Fans

From small physical footprints and low noise levels to blend in with your home’s look and aesthetics, to smart, wireless-enabled connections for easy control and operation. – Pacific Ventilation offers you a range of superior HVAC solutions to ensure homes all over the world can enjoy clean and healthy air all year long.

Superior air quality

Low energy consumption

Reliable performance

Low noise levels

Blends in with surroundings

Meets regulations and certifications

All Pacific Ventilation residential HVAC solutions come with the highest product certifications in the global market.

At Pacific Ventilation, we don’t just supply quality technology and products. We are your partner in making your project a success. Which is why we have a dedicated team of experts who have a strong competence in each region to help you navigate demands and building requirements – from your local government and your tenants.

Tobias Sagström
Global Product Manager Residential

Why choose Pacific Ventilation?

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Bring the outdoors, indoors

High indoor air quality is crucial to your residents’ wellbeing and way of life. This is why all Systemair residential HVAC solutions aim to bring the best of the outdoors – fresh, clean, well-circulated air in correct volumes – indoors.

So everyone can enjoy superior indoor air quality (IAQ) no matter where they live in the world.

Aside from performance, good aesthetics and low noise levels are crucial for residential HVAC solutions. Because it’s not just about the quality of air that they breathe, but how heating and cooling units impact the residents’ way of life. That’s why we’ve placed special importance on offering HVAC solutions that don’t just perform well, but are subtle in appearance. For living spaces that look and feel comfortable, inside and out.

Klaus Lang
Product Area Director Residential Ventilation

Easy to install and operate

Pacific Ventilation’s residential HVAC solutions are pre-built in line with your specifications and are pretested before they are delivered to your project. So they are ready to install as soon as you receive them.

But ease of use doesn’t end there. From user-friendly control panels on your HVAC units to smartphone apps, you can control everything from heating to ventilation, to air conditioning, from any room, or any device.

Whether you’re interested in building code compliance, energy use, health benefits, or long-term performance, I’m proud to say we have a wide range of products that satisfy all the needs of today's high-performance homes.

Pablo Varela
Global Product Director | Group
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Health and safety come first

From automatic and on-demand system adjustments for temperature and carbon dioxide levels to smart ventilation systems for underground carparks, basements, and storage, Systemair’s solutions ensure your residents’ health and safety is top priority.

Pacific Ventilation also offers compatible fire and safety products that are in line with the highest health regulations and requirements. Helping prevent the spread of flames, smoke, and dangerous gases.

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Here for you. Always.

Whether you’re building a single-family home or renovating an entire apartment block, your residents get full 24/7 customer and technical support from Pacific Ventilation.

So they can make sure their HVAC systems are operating and performing at their best long after your involvement with a project ends.

Bathroom fan for installation in walls or windows
Mixed-flow fan with integrated silencer
An advanced control panel with touch display for homeowners and installers.
Easily control the climate in your home. 
Crisp, fresh, and clean air for every home.