An advanced control panel with touch display for homeowners and installers.

  • Available in white and black

  • Provides instant unit status information

  • Pre-configured user modes

  • Connect up to 10 displays

Useful live data

The active functions tab provides information about the current unit activity.

Make people feel good

Use pre-configured user modes to adapt the unit operation to your needs.

You are in control

Control all unit features - change airflow and temperature setpoints, configure and adjust control functions and configure additional devices.

Sleep mode

When the display is unused, it will switch to a Quick Info screensaver mode, providing only the most relative unit information.

Capacitive display

TFT-based touch display provides high contrast, great visibility angles and clear visibility.

Easy set-up

Use the Start-up wizard for quick and seamless unit configuration.


Follow-up on unit operation historical data with an alarm and unit data history log functions.


Is one control panel not enough? Connect up to 10 displays! 

What's in the box?

SAVE TOUCH is delivered in a cardboard box with:

  • Control panel

  • Screws for wall mounting

  • Magnets for mounting on the unit