Architect planning a building with Systemair Topvex Air Handling Units

Easy. Compact. Quick. That’s all you need.TopvexAir Handling Units

Topvex is our standard compact air handling unit. Each one is rigorously factory tested to give you highest reliability with the smallest possible footprint.

Fast, on-time delivery avoids costly delays and extra work in your projects, and Topvex is easy to install, with all documentation included.

Install here, there, or anywhere.

Topvex air handling units can be installed anywhere. Standing models easily fit through 900 mm doorways and take up minimal floor space. False ceiling units are specially designed with a flat feature suitable for indoor under-roof installation with limited built-in heights.

Easy to control

Topvex comes with Access – a robust control system that lets your customers create and control their perfect climates as easily as changing settings on a smartphone.

Easy to configure

With the Configurator you will easily find a Topvex air handling unit that meets your project’s exact requirements – and you can instantly download your documentation when you’re done.

Perfect fit

Side connected or top connected. A wide range of sizes and airflows. All designed to fit perfectly.

Easy. Compact. Quick.

That’s Topvex in a nutshell!

When we created the popular Topvex line, we designed it to be easy to work with, every step of the way.

Thanks to the smart frameless casing, Topvex air handling units are truly compact and occupy minimum floor space.

In a hurry? No problem! Thanks to our highly skilled workers and our lean processes we can offer short lead times.

Choose the right air handling unit for your project

Use the Configurator to help you select the right Topvex air handling unit.

You can access all data, BIM-models and documentation before you place your order!

Person holding easy-to-use control panel for Systemair Air Handling Unit

Check out our user-friendly control system!

Pacific Ventilation Access is easy to connect, configure and control

  • Pacific Ventilation Access is the common platform for all Topvex models. Its intuitive, easy-to-navigate menus will help you create the perfect indoor climate.

  • A plug-and-play concept, it reduces installation, set-up, and start-up time, quickly putting you in full control of your Topvex units.

  • Modbus communication to all internal components simplifies cabling and wiring inside the unit. Multiple units can be connected to a cloud service for complete overview and accessibility.

Energy efficiency in focus

Increasing energy efficiency in our products is at the top of our list of priorities. We achieve this without compromising on performance and with the smallest possible footprint.

  • Heat exchangers with low pressure drop and high heat recovery

  • EC fans with high efficiency and low energy consumption

  • Proper filtration ensures good indoor air quality

Eurovent Certification Mark Artboard

Eurovent certified A+, of course!

Topvex air handling units are proudly Eurovent certified, coming with highest energy efficiency (A+) and low sound levels – which minimises their impact on the surrounding environment.

Looking for hygenic design?

Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, Topvex air handling units have undergone extensive testing and certification in order to achieve the VDI 6022-1 certificate.

So you can rely on Topvex to provide your building with clean, fresh air.

Experience and get to know Topvex

Want to learn more?

Here are some visual tools and videos that will enable you to explore our Topvex portfolio. In our VR-application you can simulate units with different airflows, filters and fan speeds.

Download the Topvex brochure