Greenhouse with Green Ventilation

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Green Ventilation


Green Ventilation is a trustworthy environmental performance benchmark for our products. It includes hands-on sustainability criteria for each product area.

What it takes for Air Conditioners to carry our Green Ventilation label

Eurovent Certified Performance with Energy Class A or higher

Carry a Eurovent Certified Performance label with an energy class A or higher. Through Eurovent, performance figures are certified with units tested in accredited, third-party laboratories. The certification includes annual selection software audits, verifying our high production standards and data quality.

Energy-efficient, intelligent components

Include state-of-the-art components that enable intelligent product operation and significantly reduced energy consumption. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Inverter or tandem compressors

  • Variable pumps

  • EC fans

Natural refrigerant or synthetic alternatives with GWP <750

Contain environmentally friendly natural refrigerants, or synthetic alternatives with a low to zero global warming potential (GWP).

Energy recovery system

Whenever applicable, include an energy recovery system, ensuring that heated/cooled air/water is recovered and not wasted in the environment.