Residential Ventilation Systems


Green Ventilation

Green Ventilation is a trustworthy environmental performance benchmark for our products. It includes hands-on sustainability criteria for each product area.

What it takes for Residential Ventilation Systems to carry our Green Ventilation label

Eurovent Certified Performance

Carry a Eurovent Certified Performance mark, with performance figures certified through units tested in accredited, third-party laboratories. The certification includes annual selection software and factory audits, verifying our high production standards and data quality.

Integrated controls

An integrated control system ensures the most energy-efficient performance through demand control and a wide variety of other functions. The software includes the full functionality to enable the most efficient energy use, cloud connectivity or smart home connections.

Energy recovery system

Include an energy recovery system, ensuring that your heated or chilled air is recovered and not wasted in the environment.

Advanced filtration technology

Provide healthy indoor air by possessing a supply filter of at least ePM1 50% and an extract filter of ePM10 50%.

Low transport CO2 footprint

Are designed, engineered, and produced in Europe, enabling a low transport CO2 footprint.