Indoors or outdoors. It always delivers.Geniox CoreAir Handling Units

Geniox Core delivers incredible operations no matter where it’s installed – with the smallest possible physical footprint.

  • Suits both indoor and outdoor applications with airflows ranging from 750-17,500 m3/h (0.2-4.9 m3/s).

  • Eurovent-certified air handling units meet multiple hygienic requirements.

  • Standardised designs for faster lead time, easy transportation, and easy installation.

Ultimate flexibility

Geniox Core air handling units have been designed as short as possible to fit in very small spaces. Dampers and heating or cooling coils can be installed externally, wherever space is available – so that the main body of these AHUs stays small and compact.

For indoors or outdoors

For indoor installations, Geniox Core comes in 2 or 3 sections to support the rotary heat exchanger. For Geniox Core with counter-flow and heat pump will it come in 3 sections.

For outdoor installations, Geniox Core comes in 1 sections. This gives you multiple options for indoor or outdoor applications.

Fast and easy installation

Your Geniox Core AHU is delivered in multiple sections for quick and easy assembly and installation. Wiring between the sections can be connected quickly, and dampers or heating and cooling coils can be attached simply with bolts and screw clamps.

Easy to operate

Geniox Core’s control system comes preprogrammed and is easily accessible via Pacific Ventilation Access and the detachable NaviPad™ – making start-up and commissioning easy. Simply connect Pacific Ventilation Access to the BMS through BACnet, Modbus communication, or Pacific Ventilation Connect, and you’re ready to go.

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Eurovent-certified, high-performing AHUs

Geniox Core AHUs are proudly Eurovent certified, coming with high-performance, low sound plug fans with EC motors IE5 – which minimises their impact on the surrounding environment.

They also come with high-performance heat exchangers of up to 87% efficiency with rotors in all types from condensation to hybrid or sorption. While counterflow heat exchangers have an efficiency of up to 90% with either normal or sectional defrosting.

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Geniox air handling units have been designed in line with our innovative #HygienicByDesign initiative to help indoor environments stay pure, clean, and healthy.

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Designed for efficiency – in energy use and performance

While all Geniox Core air handling units are Eurovent-certified and are pre-tested to ensure their performance before you receive them, they are also designed with every detail in mind to operate at the highest standards, for the longest period of time, while saving your clients precious energy:

  • Casing properties are in line with EN 1886 certifications.

  • Deflection class D1.

  • Air leakage class L1.

  • Filter bypass leakage F9.

  • Thermal insulation class T2.

  • Thermal bridging class TB3.

  • Corrosion class C5.

Geniox Core for indoor & outdoor applications

Geniox Core for Indoor Applications

Geniox Core AHUs deliver incredible performance and energy efficiency in a small physical footprint. This is achieved by combining the AHUs with external dampers, heating or cooling coils, and sound attenuators – so you can save space without sacrificing functionality or performance.

For example, with Geniox Core you can:

  • Place the outdoor air damper directly at the outdoor intake so you don’t have to draw cold air through the building.

  • Place the heating or cooling coil close to the water supply for easy connections.

  • Choose a cooling coil with higher performance, such as with a larger face area to reduce pressure loss.

  • Place sound attenuators that fit the surroundings well.

For duct mounting, your Geniox Core AHU comes with a mounting kit with bolts, screw clamps, and sealing.

Geniox Core for Outdoor Applications

For outdoor applications, you can choose to have all the components mounted inside the air handling unit so that everything is in one place on a single base frame. This gives you a clean and simple expression on the roof. Alternatively, you can choose to have the heating and cooling coil placed inside the building.

These flexible solutions make it possible for you to:

  • Place the heating or cooling coil inside the building, which means you do not need a water supply on the roof and you can reduce the risk of frost bursts.

  • Service and monitor the coils inside the building.

  • Save costs by placing the coil where the water supply is easy to connect to.

  • Have Geniox Core as a clean, simple, and short installation on the roof without multiple external pipes.

Outdoor installation suits well with all the following roof types: bitumen membrane roof, rubber sheeting roof, steel profile roof, flat steel roof, or no roof but sealed for placement in a shed.

Plug fan

The plug fan impeller is fitted with air foiled blades for the highest possible operational efficiency. The fan is a single inlet, free-blowing fan where the unit casing acts as fan housing.

The plug fan has a static efficiency of up to 75%. The plug fan can be supplied with an EC motor (IE5). Fan impeller and motor are statically and dynamically balanced.

Heating and cooling coils

Coils can be delivered as heating coil for water or electric heating, cooling coil for water or DX cooling, and change-over coil for water. Duct mounted for indoor installation and mounted in the air handling unit for outdoor installation.

Heat pump

Integrated reversible heat pump built into a unit section. The system consists of a reversible heat pump and a rotary heat exchanger that enables both heating and cooling (R410A refrigerant) with a capacity control between 5-100%. Temperature output max 25°C and min 15°C.

Bag filter

Bag filter with large filter area. Outdoor air: ePM1 60% (F7). Extract air: ePM10 60% (M5). Also available: Coarse 65% (G4), ePM2.5 50% (M6), CITY-FLO ePM1 60% (F7 City-Flo), ePM1 70% (F8) and ePM1 85% (F9).

Panel filter

Panel filter is Coarse 65% (G4) or ePM10 60% (M5) as prefilter.

Sound attenuator

Duct mounted for indoor installation and mounted in the air handling unit for outdoor installation.

Casing properties

Casing is proven energy-efficient in line with EN 1886 certification and comes with the following model box classifications: Deflection class D1, Air leakage class L1, Filter bypass leakage F9, Thermal insulation class T2, and Thermal bridging class TB3.

Comes in ZincMagnesium ZM310 as standard or pre-painted in the following colours: black (RAL 9005) or light grey (RAL 7024). Corrosion class C5.