Mixed-flow fan with integrated silencer

  • Unique patented combination of silencer and fan casing

  • Option to change air direction in casing

  • Available with AC and EC motors for 50 and 60Hz

  • Sound and energy optimized impellers

  • Very low weight

  • Easy to clean


The prio silent XP fans are intended to use for supply or extract air and are designed to be installed in any position. This ensures that the fans can be used in a variety of commercial and domestic applications.


The hybrid silencer/casing has a very good resistance against most chemicals and oils. The hydrophobic surface of the casing is easy to clean and allows using the fan in wet conditions.


The sound optimized impellers together with high efficient external rotor motors are designed to ensure high-level performance to minimize power consumption and maximize efficiency.


Prio silent XP can be selected together with variety types of accessories as fast clamps, heaters, filters, dampers, etc.